English- level one

مكونات الحقيبة : English- level one

Acquiring language is a basic part of our humanness .So, Virtually every one without special training exposed to surface level language data in interaction, builds for himself in a short period of time and at a pro logical stage in his cognitive development a deep level, abstract and highly complex system, but for a person grown up and acquired only one language from the environment he lives in ,he must involve with many activities including listening, speaking and writing ,if he decides to learn another language such as an Arab person grown up with pure Arabic language decides to learn English language.

Therefore in this course we inserted all the activities needed to learn English language especially .Thus the response must be negative reinforcement or positive reinforcement.

Most important role of learners is responding very fast and the learners should keep their Minds active to end the course training faster and reach the success they desire.

In learning English language there is an activities, principle, activities in which language is used for carrying out meaningfulness principle.

 Number of hours: (20 training hours).

 Number of days: (8 days).

 Work system in the training course:




 Groups: Divide participants into (……………. group).

 Registration: Record your feedback at the end of the page.

 Reference feed:

The instructor explains the points at the end of the “Training Day” session and takes a serious look at your knowledge and skills.

 What I expect of you:

Directory of Units

Unit “ 1 “ B1

Unit “ 2 “ B1

Unit “ 3 “ B1

Unit “4 “ B1


• Management skill

• Planning skill

• Driving skill

• Supervisory skill

• Time management skill


• Development

• Understanding

• Keep up with

• Upgrade

• Comprehension


• The climate:

• Stimulus

• Participate

• Homeliness

محتويات الحقيبة :

م المحتوى العدد
1 البوربوينت 42 شريحة
2 قاموس المفردات 30 صفحة
3 دليل المدرب 22 صفحة
4 دليل المتدرب 66 صفحة
5 مرئيات 1 فيديو
6 استمارة بيانات الطالب 1
7 الدليل التعريفي 10 صفحات
8 المراجع 5 مراجع

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